Currently Applications for the apprenticeship position are closed.  They will reopen in June 2020 for consideration.  Please keep tuned for more details.


In 2001 I had a unique opportunity to be an apprenetice at Bennington Potters in Bennington, VT, learning industrial production techniques and mold making/plaster processes from David Gill, an Alfred University graduate in 1948 .  It was never a position that I though that I would be in, but the situation presented it's self, and I was looking to be surrounded by new situations in clay. I quickly found that there was valuable information to be gained, beyond what I had expected, and far different from the academic learning that I had been acustomed to in my recently finished BFA program in ceramics.  After a year there, three years of graduate school, and 15 years teaching in college level art, ceramics, and design, I have realized a number of things about the educational process.  Mainly, I have learned that there are valuable things to learn about working within the walls of a functioning studio, things that are about practice, practicality, business, functionality, and community interation.  This is where you may come in. Below you will find the guidelines and parameters of a new facet of my studio practice that I am interested in starting.  


I intend for this position to be a one year experience, with the opportunity to stay on for an extra year if desired. This duration will allow for work to develop, goals to be reached and new ones to be set, and allows for participation in the development and growth of the studio. 

The Particulars:

In exchange for 18 hours a week of work around the studio you will receive 24 hour studio access to a 1200 sq. foot studio space, assistance with materials, access to kilns, critique and guidance on work/professionalism.  Work would include general studio upkeep, building projects, loading kilns, community projects, teaching opportunity, packing and shipping work, photographing work, website upkeep and general PR, and assistance in my own studio practice.  Housing is available in a small studio apartment above the studio offering everything that you would need. There are other options in the area and costs can be discussed. If employment is needed, my wife Sarah Panzarella owns Imagine, a retail crafts gallery in Skaneateles in the finger lakes region of NY.  Part time work could be arranged here, as well as another outlet for possibly selling work.

The studio is housed in a corner storefront building with great visibility. I currently have 2 wheels, with plans to expand that, and plenty of hand building space.  Large and small electric kilns are located in the studio, and I have plans to rebuild a 25 cubic foot soda kiln on my property 2.5 miles away from the studio. I have a number of plans for the upcoming year, and am looking for someone out there who is interested in helping these plans grow to completion.  

I ask for a letter of intent, resume, and a portfolio of your current work. All of these things can be emailed to me or mailed to Jeremy Randall C/O Rusty Wheel Apprenticeship, PO Box 698, Tully NY 13159. This will be a revolving application process and the position is currently open until filled.  Because you will be working closely with me, as well as with my family, I am taking this application process very seriously to achieve a great fit in all of these areas.